PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania- Philadelphia Police Department forensic graphic artist Officer Jonny Castro has created a tribute to slain Cleveland, Ohio homicide victim Robert Godwin, Sr. who was killed in a random attack that was shared on Facebook Live.

Jonny Castro Art


Philadelphia police posted the portrait of Godwin, Sr. on thier Facebook page and said they are sharing it to spread a message:

Good evening

“This beautiful work of art was recently completed by PPD Forensic Graphic Artist, Officer Jonny Castro.

This digital painting of Cleveland, Ohio homicide victim Robert Godwin, Sr. is being shared in order to get an extremely important message out there.

YOU – the public – are the best weapon we have in the fight against crime. Sure, that’s a cliche – but some cliches become cliches for a reason. FACT: Mr. Godwin’s killer is no longer a threat because a citizen picked up a phone and called police.

Every day in this country, individuals like Mr. Godwin are senselessly killed by cowards whose names aren’t worth the keystrokes necessary to type them into posts like this one. Far too often, it is the names and faces of those criminals – not their victims – that are remembered as we see them plastered all over the media.

The sooner those wanted individuals are in custody, the sooner we can stop posting their pictures. Believe us – getting them into custody and off of our pages and streets makes us very happy.

We need your help.

Call it “snitching”, call it “ratting”, call it whatever you want. Regardless of your opinions on the police, please consider putting them aside for just a moment and giving us a call. You can always remain anonymous – and you can quite literally save a life.

Our condolences to the family of Mr. Godwin, as well as to the families and loved ones of victims of violence throughout Philadelphia and the world. We promise to work tirelessly to bring closure for these victims as well as the loved ones that are left behind to pick up the pieces.

Please. We need your help.

Thanks for listening, for your support, and for your help in making our city safe. Stay safe.”


“This is a portrait of Robert Godwin Sr. At 74 years old, his life was taken during a single act of senseless violence. He was a peaceful man, who enjoyed fishing and helping his community in Cleveland. A few officers I used to work patrol with in the 18th District asked if they could all chip in to make sure that each of Robert’s 9 children and 14 grandchildren are all able to have a print, ”  Castro said.