LICKING, Missouri- The Houston Herald says today  Licking Police Department Sgt. Michael R. Hood was found deceased  in the morning hours at his residence in Licking. No foul play is suspected, the report said although it is being investigated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department and the county coroner.

The City of Licking Police Department also announced the death on their Facebook page in a statement.

According to LPD Chief Scott Lindsay, Hood, 54, began serving with the agency on May 20, 2004.

“Sgt. Hood has served his community faithfully as a member of this department,” Lindsay said.  “Sgt. Hood was exceptionally good at speaking with children and appeared at a number of community events to make presentations on behalf of the police department. ”

“I am personally heartbroken, as are all the members of this department along with our community. Words do not express the loss that our department along with family and friends are experiencing. ”

“I would simply ask that you pray for all of us in the days ahead.”