LEBANON, Missouri – Link Union, a popular local gospel group, comprised of the family by the same name has announced a new musical project called ‘Dawson Hollow.’ A kickstarter concert will be held tomorrow at at Heritage Baptist Church.

“The Link family kids have been writing and pursuing their own original music under the radar for the past couple of years, and now the time has finally come for us kids to record and publish an original album. DAWSON HOLLOW is our new adventure, and we hope that you will join us in launching this new band and creating music that will spread our message further than any of us can imagine.”

“As a family we have played music together since 2002. Though we’ve grown  up in a world of music, traveled over 500,000 miles, and performed almost 2,500 shows… Dawson Hollow is BRAND NEW! Our original songs are about our stories, our heritage, our dreams, our heartbreaks and redemption. People who’ve embarked on the journey of our live performance say that these songs simultaneously make them long for home and family, while also inspiring them to take risks and go on adventures. This music is for the dreamer in all of us, inspiring the courage to explore new dimensions in life and in musical expression.”

“We are putting in 12-16 hr days to make this happen. The dream is huge. The goals are worthy, and we want you to come along for the ride!”

Click this link to watch a video for more info on the new venture: http://kck.st/2o4BgrC