LEBANON, Missouri- A Lebanon police officer thinks he may have recovered a stolen car after observing several suspicious details.

On Wednesday, and LPD officer on patrol reports he saw a white passenger car parked in a lot near Tabernacle Baptist Church. He said there was a young man slumped down in the seat possibly attempting to avoid notice. A computer check showed the license plates on the car did not belong to the car, he said. During the investigation, the officer also noted that the small, triangular shaped window at the rear of the driver’s side of the car was broken out. These items led him to believe the vehicle was possibly stolen.

The officer then confronted the driver, a 23 year old  male of Conway, Missouri. The sole occupant could not provide an explanation of why he was in possession of the car, nor did he know its owner, the officer said.

Police say the car was seized and an investigation is ongoing.