RICHLAND, Missouri- The Pulaski County Daily News has done an in-depth examination into a video posted by a former Richland student that caused the juvenile to be taken into protective custody and security measures to be established. Some have come to the former student’s defense questioning why more wasn’t done to stop the bullying the student alleges. The student claims he was a victim of bullying becuase of his autism and ADHD. The posted video has gotten over 3,500 views.

Note: the following report by the Pulaski County Daily News contains some profanity:

“(Sept. 5, 2016) — A local rapper’s YouTube videos attacking “white bitches,” Donald Trump supporters, and other individuals and groups didn’t get much attention — most were seen by only a few dozen people — but an August 31 video received 2,894 views as of Monday night and also came to the attention of the Richland Police Department and Richland High School due to threats against the school where the student previously attended.#PulaskiCountyMo #PulaskiCountyMoCrimes #RichlandMo

Using the title “Richland diss speedy,” the rapper’s lyrics begin with a profanity-laced warning: “How’s this for a story? Speedy blows up Richland High School! (ack, ack, ack) Bitch Ass m-f-ers.”

The profanity and the threats continue during the three-minute video. In the video, the former student said he was upset the “poor ass school system” let people harass a student with autism and ADHD “who might just come back to pop you m-f-ers… you guys are dumb cause you f-ed with speedy, you better run cause you f-ed with speedy, you guys are f-ed cause you f-ed with speedy.” He said he “should have known” when he was put on half-days and homebound education that the school was “trying to get rid of” him.

Addressing a specific school administrator, he said he was “disappointed” and thought the administrator was on his side, but then included the administrator and numerous other personnel including coaches and teachers as people who should “eat a big fat d-”

“I’m gone but I’ll be back and when I come back y’all better have those school doors locked down cause vengeance is coming, m-f-ers. Peace!”

Richland police posted an announcement on the matter late Sunday night stating they were “made aware of some video’s that went viral pertaining to threats made towards the Richland Schools and specific persons at the school. These videos and statements made by a juvenile male and former student attending Richland Schools was taken very seriously by the Richland R-4 Schools as authorities were made aware of their existence promptly.”

School officials followed up with a Monday morning announcement clarifying that official action took place last week, when they became aware “that a video had been posted on Facebook that was threatening in nature to the high school. This video was posted by a former student who no longer lives in our district. This concerned us greatly and we contacted our local police department.”

Police and school officials both confirm that the Richland police, Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and Pulaski County Juvenile Department were all involved, and that, according to the nearly-identical text of both school and police statements, “the subject was located and placed into protective custody for medical evaluation. As a precautionary measure officers were placed into the schools last week even though the threat had been eliminated. Any threat towards the school is considered viable and real and will be dealt with immediately.”

While the rap song which gathered the most attention was the strongest and most specific threat against the school district, many of the other raps on his YouTube channel contain similar profanity and some have specific school references.

The music sung by “Speedy” changed during the past year. He once identified himself as a Christian rapper, singing songs such as his July 3 rap titled “Brothers in Christ” saying “The other day there was bombing on the news. Every day there’s bombing on the news. The more that ISiS starts the crap, the more this world will need some Jesus rap,” and on July 11 singing “Ready for war? I’ve got God on my side… Satan get ready to die.”

However, his themes turned from telling Satan to “get ready to die” to warning that others would die.

In a June 13 rap titled “As Speedy as can be,” he sang “We were friends at school… there’s only three things you gotta do that will make me snap… I’m not afraid to put a slug in your chest.”

On May 25, he sang “I ain’t afraid to make a white bitch bleed.”

On Aug. 11, he named people he wanted to kill, singing, “I’ve been gone for so long, now I’m back in the hood, up to no good. The gangsta’s back!”

On Aug. 18 in a rap titled “Speedy’s Revenge,” he sang “Call the cops when you’re seeing Speedy. Get your gun when you’re seeing Speedy. You’d better run when you’re seeing Speedy.”

In an Aug. 23 rap titled “Payback’s a Bitch speedy,” he sang, “You called DFS hoping to get me taken away but they hardly opened up a case. You was pissed when they disagreed with you on the house…. You were stupid to report us in the first place and evict us from your place, now karma shits you in the face.”

The threats became more specific in the week leading up to the final rap which caught the attention of police and school officials.

On Aug. 24, he sang, “You don’t want to f- with speedy, because speedy will f-ing kill you.”

On Aug. 25, he sang, “I’m here, better run, I’ve brought a gun. Here. I’ll give you a 10-second head start… You don’t f- with speedy, now Speedy’s gonna kill you… I’m gonna make sure your f-ing heart stops beating. Pop, pop. I didn’t miss that time… if you think I’m gonna give you mercy, nah, bro, I’m gonna kill you.”

In an Aug. 28 rap with reference to Richland, he sang, “When I put you in your coffin you won’t be talking no shit. I swear I’m a put you in a coffin if I ever see you on my streets.”

While the former Richland student’s name has been publicly stated elsewhere online and his videos include his face, many details of the case are covered by student privacy laws and his name won’t enter official court records unless he faces criminal charges. School officials have not indicated where he currently lives other than that it is not in the Richland R-IV School District.

Motives for the change in tone aren’t clear, but online comments and “Speedy’s” own lyrics say he was bullied at school.

At least one of his videos addresses that specifically. On June 13, in one of his few non-rap videos, he said, “If you are a victim of a bully don’t let them get to you, they ain’t shit. They’re just little pussy-punk bitches looking for something better to do because they ain’t got nothing better to do with their time then to pick on somebody, and if you need a brother to call on, call on your boy Speedy, I got you.”