WAYNESVILLE, Missouri- The Pulaski County Daily News has reported that  jailer, Angelica Black, 22, has been charged with having sexual contact with an inmate. The inmate, Dustin Richardson, 27, is one of two inmates who escaped from the county jail early Sunday morning. Details coming.

According to court documents filed Sunday, Black admitted to a sheriff’s detective early Sunday morning that her contact included “kissing the inmate, allowing the inmate to fondle her breast, and touching” the inmate’s private parts on one occasion. Black was arrested at 7 a.m. Sunday, less than six hours after Richardson and another inmate, James Randall (J.R) Sherrell, 32, escaped from the jail.

Under Missouri law, even if sex is consensual, inmates are not allowed to have sex with jail personnel. The charges against her are a Class D felony of sexual contact with an inmate via deviate sexual intercourse, for which the penalty is two to four years in state prison, or up to one year in county jail, or a $5,000 fine.

Black is being held in lieu of a $100,000 cash-only bond, approved by Associate Circuit Judge Colin Long on Sunday, as requested by the Pulaski County Prosecutors Office.

Black’s level of involvement in the escape isn’t yet known. According to Sheriff Ron Long, “The Sheriff’s Department has requested assistance from the Division of Drugs and Crime Control from the Missouri State Highway Patrol to help determine if Ms. Black assisted with the jail break yesterday.”

Richardson has been described by the Pulaski County Sheriff‘s Department as a career criminal. His most recent charge is also sexual in nature — a Class B felony of first-degree child molestation accusing him of rubbing his genitals between the legs of an 8-year-old girl during May of this year. That charge, based on a Crocker Police Department investigation, involved a girl whose mother Richardson knew. The girl, in forensic interviews, described Richardson’s activities in detail, saying they happened in her mother’s vehicle while the girl and Richardson were alone in the Walmart parking lot, as well as at several locations in vehicles and residences in Crocker. According to the girl, Richardson paid her $2 for “doing bad stuff,” for a total of $6, and “also instructed (the girl) not to tell anyone about the abuse.”

Prosecutors requested a cash-or-surety bond of $400,000 for Richardson, who if convicted faces five to 15 years in state prison. On June 24, Long set his bond higher, at $1 million cash-only, with a special condition of no contact with children if he managed to post that bond.

A Pulaski County grand jury subsequently filed two Class B felony charges of first-degree child molestation, a Class D felony charge of sexual misconduct or attempt involving a child under 15, and first-degree statutory rape involving sexual intercourse with a person less than 12, an unclassified felony. The Class D felony charge carries a two-to-four year state prison term; the the statutory rape unclassified felony charge carries a term of 10 years to life in state prison.

Richardson, who is represented by the public defender’s office, has pleaded innocent to the charges and requested a change of venue to another county, which under Missouri law will be automatically granted by the judge.

See the Pulaski County Daily News for more on this developing story.