The Story of Shawn Kober and his Quad-Copter


So I create video’s for a living, on top of substitute teaching, and volunteering  for many things in our community of Camdenton.  On Sept 4th 2015 I was out shooting another video about our amazing community and the quad copter I was using suddenly went out of control.  I tried to take control of it however it had its own mind.  It dashed for some trees which at the time I feared (would have been the best thing) however then it gained about 150 feet in the air and came slamming to the ground. After about an 1 1/2 hours looking for it we found it in a ditch off the road.  It has been looked at and it is of no use to use anything off of it.  It is trash.  I have since posted a video  after we found it and I have had a overwhelming number of people wanting to send me money to get it fixed and start putting out more video’s.  Thus I have started this campaign.  I must admit I am a bit shy about this however after many emails from people I feel like it is the best thing to do.From the bottom of my heart I appreciate every email, comment and letter I have ever gotten when it comes to helping people with the work that I do. I love getting stopped in the community to talk about project or issues that I have worked on.  I must say that it’s those words that encourage me to keep working day in and day out to create the images and stories I get to cover.  I am truly grateful to everyone and Thank you for your support.

Quad Copter Fund Raiser