LEBANON, Missouri- Assistant Superintendent Dr. Brad Armstrong shared the annual report about certificated staff turnover. This year marks the District’s highest turnover rate in the past 10 years. Overall, the District had 36 resignations and 12 retirements, resulting in a 13.5% turnover rate. The average turnover rate for the past 10 years is 10.07%.

“We have set a new 10-year record,” said Armstrong. “But it’s not a record that we want to celebrate. It’s a record amount of staff turnover. Our total percent turnover this year was 13.5% and the average is 10%. Over last year and this year we’ve cut over $1 million in staff positions because we are in a critical financial situation. Unfortunately I think we have some staff who are leaving us because of those concerns.”

Pay continues to be the number one factor reported by staff for why they are leaving, followed by family circumstances and relocation.

Ten of the certified staff resignations said they are leaving education altogether. Dr. Armstrong shared that many said they cannot continue in education because they are not able to make ends meet for their families.

“It’s becoming more and more difficult to recruit quality staff to our district,” said Armstrong. “And I could give a similar report about our support staff. We’re having a hard time recruiting, and a hard time retaining, and that’s a detriment to our kids and to our community. These individuals represent relationships with kids.”

He went onto share that the District commonly invests a lot of time into developing educators only to see them leave for higher pay and benefits in other districts and industries.

“There have been many tearful goodbyes from students as staff have left.”

Where certified staff are going:

Waynesville (4)
Camdenton (4)
School of the Osage (3)
Conway (2)
Springfield, Hartville, Fairgrove, Seymour, Bolivar, Clever, Republic, St. Louis, St. Charles, Florida, Joel E Barber (1 each)
Leaving Education (10)
Unknown (2)

Due to lack of qualified Speech and Language Pathologist applicants, the District requested bids for direct speech services to be provided at the Early Childhood Level. We had one bid submitted by the deadline.

Due to lack of qualified Speech and Language Pathologist applicants, the District requested bids for indirect (tele-therapy and supervision) speech services to be provided throughout the K-12 grade levels. We had one bid submitted by Dot Com Therapy (A.K.A Research to Practice).