LEBANON, Missouri- Lebanon police say early this morning, November 1, they were notified of a reported suicidal man who was possibly barricaded in a residence with hostages in Phillipsburg,

Lebanon Police had been contacted by members of the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office requesting the Rapid Response Team be activated to assist.

Police say they learned  the suspect had been identified as a 28 year-old year man from  Phillipsburg, MO who had active arrest warrants outstanding and  was armed with 2  rifles and was possiblyholding his children hostage in his residence, located in the 14000 block of Morning Glory in Phillipsburg, MO.

It was also reported suspect had allegedly  made threats to commit “suicide by cop”, police said in the report.

“While responding to the scene, I overheard radio traffic from LCSO that a male subject had walked to his location on the perimeter,” the responding officer said.

The subject was detained without incident, along with the man’s brother who also had an active warrant.


The Rapid Response Team was cleared from the scene by the sheriff’s office.