LEBANON, Missouri- Josh Ray is reacting against attempts at transferring some authorities from the mayor’s office to the city administrator in proposed  revisions to the personnel handbook.

“Last night, I advocated for an end to the continued erosion of the mayor’s authority. In the end, I leave that decision in the hands of City Council. Last night indicated that Council will, in the near future, change City Code to remove the mayor’s appointive authority of the public works director and community development director, giving the authority to bring nominees to council to the city administrator instead.

Are there two more important city employees to the citizens of Lebanon than the director of public works and community development? I argue that citizens want to hold my feet to the fire on road improvements, utilities, building/business development, and the like.

Although the authority of the mayor has eroded over the past 10 years, my position holds one advantage:

I can turn to the town for support.

If you would like to reverse this erosion of mayoral authority, contact your councilman/woman. I submit my mayoral authority to the citizens and City Council,” Mayor Ray said.