Major J. Solis


RICHLAND, Missouri- The Richland Police Department says they would like to would proudly like to announce Assistant Chief Jaime Solis will be awarded the Medal of Merit from the Governor and Missouri Department of Public Safety this Saturday, October 28. The medal of merit is one of Missouri’s most prestigious and highly ranked awards for Police Officers. “Major Solis is well deserving of this award and we are very proud to have him on our squad, ” Richland police said.

Major Solis responded last year to a distressed person who was in the process of attempting suicide. This very distressed person had his finger inside the trigger guard breathing erratically and was visibly upset. He was not responding to the request to surrender the weapon. Major Solis continued talking to him in a calm manner, attempting to stop his life ending plan, the agency said in a press release. 

After continuous negotiation, the subject became more communicative and ultimately made the weapon safe by ejecting the loaded round. He then handed the weapon to Major Solis. After securing the weapon, Major Solis continued to communicate with him and offer support. The subject was still showing signs of distress. Major Solis convinced the subject to go to the hospital for evaluation and treatment on his own accord. 

“Assistant Chief Solis, we are proud of you and you’re efforts to keep all citizens of Richland safe. You are an exemplary Police Officer. We salute you!” the press release concluded.