CAMDENTON, Missouri- Following claims of a hostile work environment, RVC Data Recovery has issued the following statement:

To the Camden County Commission


Dear Sirs,


Since I am not good at creating narratives like you are, I will stick with the facts.


November 23rd 2016


You terminated your contract with RVC Data Recovery. You stated “The County Commission does not believe that you adequately and timely provided the services set forth in the aforesaid Contract.” [sic] When Greg Hasty was confronted by KSPR about the fact that I was abiding by the contract he changed it to “We just did not feel like he was working with us.” I will concede that when Greg asked me to cover up another breach of the county infrastructure, I would not comply; I would not comply even when Greg Hasty attempted to order me to retroactively give the offending company permission to access the network node that they were trying to breach.


Moving forward to March 16th 2017


I see an article on Lake Expo news stating that your investigation of the hostile work environment has nothing to do with the County Clerk’s article about your money waste. I called the County Clerk’s attorney and explained to him that you had knowledge of a hostile work environment in November. I knew of this incident because I submitted it to you in writing on November 17th 2016 at 4 PM. Rowland Todd’s lawyer requested I send the document to him. I sent the letter to him that day but it did not reach him. I resent it to him on March 24th and was able to confirm he received it.


Exactly one week after the document was received by Todd’s lawyer, March 31st 2017.


I receive a letter from your lawyer stating you think I have a laptop designated for the head of HR. Six months after the company I work for was replaced by the aforementioned company (the company that tried to hack a network node at the Justice center). You are writing to find out where a county asset is located. I called your attorney and explained to him that it was located in the desk I was working at.


So in conclusion, Rowland Todd speaks out about your incompetency, and you have him investigated. I send a document to Todd’s attorney to set the facts straight and you are now implying I took a county asset. Maybe I am missing something but it seems that you just try to discredit and silence anyone that opposes you. Maybe I am wrong, so here are some alternatives to that.


1.     You searched for the county assets when I left and decided to wait six months to bring up a laptop that was missing.


2.     You did not care to look for the county asset for six months and just got around to finding out that you cannot locate the laptop when it was in the desk I was working at.




Any way you cut it, you are incompetent and/or attempting to bully a small local business into silence. I will leave you with a quote that sums up why I will not be silent.


“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold, is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”


-Edmund Burke


Since you all are opposed to upholding the Missouri Sunshine Law, a copy of this is being sent to the local media, as well. We kindly ask that you are truthful in the future when speaking about us in public forums. We also ask that you do not continue to try to imply negative things about us.


Have a great day!!




With good conscience,




Reuben and Elizabeth Chambers of RVC Data Recovery