LEBANON, Missouri- A woman who says she is the parent of Sedalia Smith Cotton basketball players has taken to Facebook about an alleged incident of harassment Friday following the game. She said coaches ushered the students to the buses  after the apparent situation at McDonald’s. The Facebook post has been shared over 200 times.

She posted the following:

“I have been mad, hurt, and plain disgusted all day!!! Our boys went to go play basketball in Lebanon, Mo last night and were subjected to being called racist names, threatened with weapons, and told they were not allowed to go through a group of white students to get to the other side of the court. Most of this happened when they stopped to eat at the McDonalds on Jefferson street after the game but the students were wearing Trump shirts and cheerleaders had “Make America Great Again” on their backs!! I’m confused on what the reason for this was and why politics is now part of high school sports or school spirit!! Instead of the workers calling the police… their response was ” well it’s an all WHITE town”…. THANK GOD for the coaches who got our kids on the bus and kept them safe and from what I have been told the Sedalia School District will be taking action also!!! I’m afraid this is only going to get worse so for those who really think racism doesn’t exist can u come over and tell my son and his friends what went on last night please???”

The parent says that comments were made about “food stamps and welfare” were shouted earlier during the game.

Lebanon students had celebrated a patriotic attire day as part of Courtwarming Spirit week.

A student also apologized for the actions of the group on Facebook:

“As a student of Lebanon high school I would like to apologize I was at McDonald’s when everything happened I didn’t have know part of it but me and my brothers (3 names redacted)  all had appoligized <sic> to the coach of your sons basketball team and we all appolgized <sic>for what had happened at McDonald’s and he said thank you and we felt bad for what had happened there and we really didn’t know what had happened but I apologize”

A similar event is alleged to have occurred in 2015 at a Waynesville-Camdenton  Football game were racial slurs were supposedly directed at  band members: