LEBANON, Missouri- Laclede County Sheriff David Millsap praised one one of his deputies for helping out a kindergartner in the following Facebook post:

“I have to give shoutout to Laclede County Deputy Travis Thygesen. This morning he saw a high schooler and a child, that looked to be a kindergartner walking…he stopped to check on them..the older one stated that they had missed the bus..because the little guy couldn’t find his shoe, and Deputy Thygesen could see the little guy was upset about missing school, so he gave them a ride. But he just didn’t stop there…he walked the little one to class to make sure he got where needed he needed to be. In law enforcement you never know who needs a helping hand or what you will have to do on your shift to make a difference. What everyone needs to know is that deputies, police officers and troopers do stuff like this every day all over this country.”