LEBANON, Missouri- Sheriff David Millsap says Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement Group (LANEG) seized nearly three pounds of methamphetamine from July 1 to September 30 of this year. The task force is a multi-jurisdictional task force, which includes Laclede County and the city of Lebanon. In addition, to the methamphetamine seizures, the task force seized 31 grams of heroin, 35 grams of cocaine and 24 pounds of marijuana from July to the end of September. LANEG served 36 search warrants, within the task force boundaries, and sized 78 firearms. Eight previously convicted felons were arrested on firearm possession charges during the quarter. In Laclede County 133 grams of methamphetamine was seized, and five illegally possessed firearms, along with $2,691 of U.S. currency was seized, by LANEG, related to drug distribution. The totals from Laclede County do not include drug related arrest made by the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office, Lebanon Police Department or Missouri State Highway Patrol Troopers assigned to Laclede County.

In Laclede County, the task force arrested Blake Tanner for delivery of a controlled substance on September 26. The drug investigation, conducted jointly by the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office, Lebanon Police Department and the Missouri Highway Patrol, led to the seizure of cell phones and other electronic devices related to the possession of child pornography. Tanner was charged by the Laclede County Prosecutor’s Office for Delivery of Controlled Substance. LANEG conducted 16 investigations in Laclede County during the quarter, served six search warrants and conducted three consent searches. Twenty suspects were arrested during those investigations. Five suspects were arrested for distribution and 10 suspects were arrested for felony possession of controlled substances. Two were arrested for illegal possession of firearms and one for stolen property.

“Often a LANEG investigation will uncover more than just narcotic related crimes. Stolen property, firearm violations and child porn evidence is often found at LANEG search warrants,” said Laclede County Sheriff David Millsap. “During the Dallas County double homicide investigation LANEG worked with us in tracking down suspects, who were from Laclede County,” the Sheriff added.

On October 15, 2018 a Laclede County Sheriff’s Office Investigator arrested a 33-year old Lynchburg, Missouri man for trafficking methamphetamine. The deputy arrested the man after finding two ounces of methamphetamine on the suspect, and nearly 21 ounces of marijuana in the suspect’s vehicle. The man arrested by the investigator has two prior felony drug convictions, including a 2015 conviction for distribution of a controlled substance.