LEBANON, Missouri- The Laclede County Sheriff’s Office says they are  investigating a series of scam phone calls allegedly the potential victims  to send money through a Pay Pal card to clear up a warrant for failing to appear for jury duty. The caller has identified themselves as a member of the Laclede Sheriff’s Office. The caller has used the name James Marshall. There is no employee working for the Sheriff’s Office by that name, the agency says.

The Sheriff’s Office says they would never tell anyone to pay their fines through Pay Pal. They believe the caller is familiar with Laclede County judges, court dates and times and sounds convincing on the telephone.

David Millsap, Sheriff of Laclede County

The caller has instructed victims to purchase PayPal gift cards and to scratch off the PIN and send the cards to a non-existent address of 205 N. Adams in Lebanon. The caller keeps the victim on the telephone from the point of contact to the point of sale and has the victim to give them the PIN. The caller is directing the victim to a local Kum N Go. The caller tells the victim they must stay on the phone and not hang up until he receives the PIN. At least one Laclede County resident has been scammed out of $1000, the LCSO explains.