FAIRVIEW BEACH, Virginia- The memories of Skater driver Jim Melley and throttleman Garth Tagge recording a 194 mph Top Cat Pro run at the 2016 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout arestill as fresh as other sweet summer memories. Today, however, we have the tragic news that both men are dead after being thrown during a blowover at the Potomac River Radar Run in Virginia.


Garth’s empty Skater chair

The news is just reaching the international offshore racing community but condolences are quickly pouring in.

Speedboat Magazine says the accident occurred on a stretch of the course near Tim’s II Restaurant and Crabhouse. They had earlier been clocked at 170 mph—the top speed of the day so far. Tagge and Melley were both ejected from the boat, which went airborne and flipped repeatedly.
The accident comes only a couple of months after the tragic accident at the LOTO event involving Richie Prince and Bradley Dunphy, who were both killed while driving their MTI catamaran.

They say the entire staff of Speedboat sends its condolences to the friends and family of Tagge and Melley.

This is a developing story.