“I’m very proud of our officers. This is a very dangerous circumstance; for them to be fired on.”
ST. JOSEPH, Missouri- The St. Joseph Post is reporting officers have taken three people into custody after shots were allegedly fired at authorities during a police pursuit near downtown St. Joseph.

Capt. Jeff Wilson with the St. Joseph Police Department said around 1 p.m. Sunday, officers responded to the 900 block of Corby in an alley in reference to a call of individuals possibly wanted on felony warrants behaving suspiciously.   When officers responded, Wilson said the suspects ran and fled into a vehicle and left the area.  Officers pursued and around the area of 13th and Ridenbaugh Wilson said at least one of the three suspects opened fire on officers shooting at least four times in one location and possibly more times in another area.  No one was hit, the report said.

In the area of 13th and Faraon Streets, Wilson said the suspect vehicle hit a curb and the three St. Joseph men ran from the vehicle and were taken into police custody.  Wilson said, police also recovered a controlled substance believed to be methamphetamine.

One suspect received minor injuries during the incident.  Also, an officer received minor injuries when his patrol vehicle crashed and the airbag deployed.

“I’m very proud of our officers.  This is a very dangerous circumstance; for them to be fired on,” Wilson said. “They continued to do their job, and do it as safe as they could and get these people in custody.”

During the incident police had the area closed off, normal travel has been reinstated.

Clinton Missouri  Police Officer Gary Michael was shot and killed Sunday, Aug. 6 during a traffic stop.

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