CAMDENTON, Missouri- Camdenton Fire Rescue says on August 21, 2016 at 8:26 PM, the Camdenton Fire Department responded to a fire alarm sounding at 625 West US Highway 54 at the Camdenton Post Office and Bear Market and a water flow alarm sounding at Bear Market.

Camdenton Fire Department arrived to find significant smoke inside Bear Market. The incident was upgraded to a working fire and Mid County Fire Protection District responded to the scene to assist, the agency says.

Firefighters made entry into Bear Market to find a fire burning in the bathroom in the center of the business which was being controlled by the building fire sprinkler system. Firefighters checked for fire extension and found there was no fire extension. The fire sprinkler system was shut off.

The fire damage was contained to the ceiling area above the bathroom. The center section of Bear Market around the bathroom suffered minor water damage. All of Bear Market suffered minor smoke damage. Damage was contained to Bear Market.

The consignment shop says they will closed until they are given the go ahead to open by the fire marshall.