LEBANON, Missouri- Last week and prior to a similar story by KY3 we received  a message about an alarming incident apparently  involving former Lebanon Resident Billy Sage Medley who is now wanted for murder of a Tunas couple. Unfortunately at the time we didn’t have the opportunity to adequately source and verify the information.

Here is the message we recieved:

“I’m not putting this public because I don’t want to lead him back here (or any of his friends) But i believe Billy Medley was caught stealing from my parents.  Dad held him and another at gun point until my mom called my husband who arrived and handcuffed them until a Wright County Deputy arrived over an hour from the 911 call. Wright County didn’t even take them in. They asked my dad to give them gas and escorted them to the highway with directions to Lebanon. The paperwork wasn’t even filed until my husband questioned the prosecutor and Sheriff about what had happened at a fireworks gathering. The prosecutor was then running for judge and then asked the deputy for his paperwork. If Wright County had done their job two innocent people would be alive.”