ST. JOSEPH, Missouri- For the third time in recent history, St. Joseph, Missouri police have faced gunfire.

The St. Joseph Post reports the northwest Missouri department is investigating shots fired at officers early Tuesday morning during a traffic stop.

Capt. Jeff Wilson said shortly after 3 a.m. officers tried to perform a traffic stop on a white passenger vehicle in the area of 23rd and Olive Streets.

“When the officers turned on the emergency equipment to pull the vehicle over the vehicle slowed down for a little bit and then it began to take off from the officers,” Wilson said.

Capt. Jeff Wilson, file photo St. Joseph Post

When the suspect vehicle turned, officers said the driver fired four to five shots at them. Neither the officers nor the patrol vehicle were struck. Wilson said officers were unable to catch back up with the vehicle and police are still searching for the suspect or suspects. Police are not yet releasing an in-depth description of the vehicle due to the ongoing investigation, the report explained.

“It’s just another example of the careless behavior that’s going on in the city now and the attitude when it comes to gun violence and the use of weapons,” Wilson said. “We’ve had multiple shootings. This is the third time in three weeks that our officers have been shot at.”

As we previously reported, two St. Joseph men were arrested at the end of August when officers were fired on during an incident near the Trails West! festival. Also, multiple shots were fired at an officer Sunday, Sept. 3 in the area of 18th and Sylvanie.

Wilson said police are reaching out to the public to help with any information they might have that would help police to identify some of the people who are putting the community at risk.

Anyone with information is asked to call police or the TIPS Hotline at (816) 238-TIPS.

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