WEST COVINA, California- Angel Flight LCpl Ruben Velasco grew up in the West Covina area of So California and graduated from West Covina High School in 2016. He immediately joined the Marine Corps and had been serving in Australia. He was on an Osprey helicopter with 25 other Marines that crashed as it was attempting to land on the back of an aircraft carrier. 23 Marines survived, LCpl Velasco was one of the 3 that did not. LCpl Velasco has been posthumously promoted to Lance Corporal as a gesture of honor by the Corps, awarded for his good and faithful service to the Corps. Ruben loved the Corps, he loved Australia, and he loved his friends and family. When at West Covina High he was a star football player and loved playing football.

“Angel Flight” is the designation of the aircraft transporting fallen service members.