POPLAR BLUFF, Missouri- The Missouri Highway Patrol reports a 16-year-old girl was killed and five others were injured when two boats collided on the Black River in Southeast Missouri Sunday Night. The operator of a boat may face multiple charges.

Cali Murphy, 16, from Poplar Bluff was pronounced deceased at the Regional Medial Center. She was an occupant in a boat operated by Matthew Rushin, 32 who is listed as sustaining moderate injuries.

Other occupants of the Rushin boat were identified as; Kirk Murphy, 35, listed in serious condition and Shannon Sisson, 32, also sustaining serious injuries. All were from Poplar Bluff.

Braden Bollinger, 27, from Dexter and Brady Smith, 50, were in the other vessel. Both were treated for serious injuries. He may face charges of Boating While Intoxicated, Boating While Intoxicated resulting in Death or Serious Injury (3 counts), and Boating While Intoxicated resulting in Serious Injury.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says the crash occurred when Bollinger, travelling downstream, veered into the path of the Rushin craft which was headed upstream. All occupants from both boats were ejected into the water.