Dalton Streff, Facebook

CUSTER, South Dakota– A teenager shot and killed a mountain lion that had been preying on his family’s goats in the Black Hills. 14 year-old Dalton Streff took down the 70 pound big cat from the vantage point of a children’ playhouse.

“A mountain lion killed one of our goats early this morning, but she didn’t get away with it. The dog, Isabella, chased it off before it got to eat it. Then My 14-year-old son, Dalton, shot it this evening at 6:00 PM when it came back to feast on it’s kill. The lion appeared to have a fresh bite on it’s front shoulder where Isabella might have tangled with it,” said his mother Lila Bland Streff in a Facebook post.

The mountain lion had killed the goat, duck, cat and chicken on the family business, Black Hills Goat Dairy, south of Custer.