LAKE OZARK, Missouri- Veteran area clown performer Jackie Newton wants the public to know Scary Clowns are not real clowns. The professional clown is also worried about the safety of legitimate clown performers. Newton, who also is a professor, says she is concerned  about online threats that have been made to shoot clowns. She says she will not paint scary clown faces on children as part of her performances. Newton works under the name, “Sparkie Da Clown” and performs regularly for public events and children’s parties.” She often works with partner, “Dolly Dimples.”

She says the hysteria has hurt of time-honored profession of clowning.

“THIS CLOWN will in NO way paint scary clown characters on anyone this year or ever. I am making this my solemn oath. SCARY CLOWNS are NOT CLOWNS. Scary clowns are horror flick film mythical characters that have nothing to do with the art, love and compassion of clowning. LOVE to all and please do not let your children dress as scary horror “clown” characters this year,” she posed online.


Performer Jackie Newton, Facebook

Nationally, communities have come under a sense of fear after alleged scary clown sightings  in South Carolina in late August after unsubstantiated reports surfaced that clowns were spotted attempting to lure children into the woods. Law enforcement has taken notice too.

Locally, in Rolla, police say there were at least two Facebook accounts of individuals who were posing as creepy clowns who were messaging random people as well as sending friend requests. These two individuals were school age individuals who thought that it was funny to act as if they were trying to lure people to a local supermarket. After an investigation, they concluded the fears were unsubstantiated, “So, after a thorough investigation I have concluded that there are no creepy killer homicidal clowns in Rolla, Missouri. I did hear about a mime stuck in a box though that may still need assistance,” a police spokesperson said.

Still, after clown hysteria is mostly discredited, there have been a number of memes circulating social media about shooting clowns. In Bardstown Kentucky, a man fired an AR-15 shot into the air after mistaking a woman walking her dog as a scary clown.

This is one of Newton’s main worries:

“People are actually threatening to shoot anyone dressed as these characters…stay safe and for God’s sake….do not perpetuate the problem by posting talk of shooting and killing people dressed up as these characters. This is beyond ridiculous. Please quit telling your children that clowns “creep” you out. I have seen at least ten posts today perpetuating the hate talk, threats of shooting and memes derogatory about clowns. Get a grip people!” Newton added.

Stephanie Scanlan photo. 

Clown Happy, Times SQ from NYC Subway Girl on Vimeo.