Osage Beach, MO – Tragedy hit Osage Beach this morning and on behalf of the City, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, our condolences to the family and loved ones of those lost in the early morning fire at Compass Point Condominiums. Our thoughts and prayers are foremost with their families and loved ones.
Fire, police, and EMS services were on scene in less than 10 minutes from the first call preventing an even greater loss of life. Following the established system for investigating such incidents the State Fire Marshall and the Police Department will conduct a thorough investigation and we cannot and will not rush that process. We ask for everyone’s patience and prayers as we recover from this tragedy . Further information will be released as it becomes available through Chief Jeff Dorhauer at the Osage Beach Fire Protection District and Chief Davis of the Osage Beach Police Department.

City of Osage Beach


photo credit: Rickie Smith