JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri- Sergeant Jason Glendenning, and Trooper Tyler Zimmerman, Missouri State Highway Patrol, have been selected as the December 2016 Employees of the Month for the Department of Public Safety. Both serve in Troop I, headquartered in Rolla.  Sgt. Glendenning and Tpr. Zimmerman were chosen as the Employees of the Month because of their heroic actions on the waterways of the Niangua River in July, 2016.

Sgt. Glendenning and Tpr. Zimmerman deployed their jet boat proactively searching for trouble areas after a recent flooding event. Within four miles on the river, they located an area where the river flow was sweeping into a larger tree, creating a strainer. Strainers are formed when an object blocks the passage of larger objects, but allows the flow of water to continue. These objects can be very dangerous for individuals floating into the area because the force of the water can pin a body against the strainer and eventually push the body under the water. Before Sgt. Glendenning and Tpr. Zimmerman could even attempt to reduce the strainer by cutting tree limbs, multiple individuals on the waterway were put in harm’s way at this location.

Sgt. Glendenning and Tpr. Zimmerman went above and beyond to save the lives of multiple individuals. They maneuvered their boat into the dangerous area on multiple occasions, entered the water, and placed themselves in harm’s way to protect the lives of the citizens in danger on the waterway. The courage and dedication displayed by Sgt. Glendenning and Tpr. Zimmerman during these rescues speak volumes to their character, the DPS statement said. 

Both are graduates of Lebanon Sr. High School.



Sergeant Jason Glendenning


Trooper Tyler Zimmerman