BENTON, Arkansas-  A Benton Arkansas police officer received some  social media recognition from  ‘Walking Dead’ star Norman Reedus after he helped celebrity’s mother who was stranded due to car problems.

“Officer Stovall was out on I-30 working the Benton Interstate Criminal Enforcement Patrol (BICEP) program when he helped a motorist jump start her car. He then assisted her in finding a nearby mechanic to take the car, so she could eventually get back on the road safely. Then, not too long after, Officer Stovall found out that he was given a shout out on Twitter. It turns out that shout was from Norman Reedus!!

“I didn’t know at the time that she was the mom of a big Hollywood movie and TV star,” Officer Stovall said, “But I definitely know now!”

Officer Stovall was just doing his duty of protecting & serving all the citizens that set foot or drive through the City of Benton. Helping a motorist stranded on the side of Interstate 30 is nothing new for Officer Stovall or any other officer working the BICEP program. They regularly help motorists, even though their main duty is to catch the dangerous criminals that travel I-30, ” the police agency said.

“Thank you officer Stovall from the Benton police dept for rescuing my mom when her car broke down Thank u sir!!!” Reedus tweeted