LEBANON, Missouri- The Lebanon community is again gathering around one of its members stricken with illness. On August 30, 2016, Avah Mae Jennings was diagnosed with leukemia. The 4 year-old has since been undergoing treatment  in Memphis Tennessee. The immediate family is lodged at the Ronald McDonald House to be nearby. Her parents  are  hopeful about her prognosis,  saying she is diagnosed with A.L.L. leukemia and from their understanding, this type is the most curable with a 95-98% success rate.

Over the last several days, her family has been optimistic, reporting on a Facebook page that Avah is taking all this in stride.


“Daily update for miss Avah. Today has been another awesome day! She has been extra sassy today. She started the day off with a CT scan so we have a before and after leukemia progress. She did great! They turned on Mickey Mouse on the ceiling so she could watch it while laying down for the scan. We also made out way to the gift shop that she has been wanting to do for 3 days. As you can see she was very much ready for them to open. The last couple pictures are our nightly routine. We have to give her the injection from her eclipse ball. It can’t be exposed to light which is why she carries it in a purse! Avah is amazing. She will NOT let this awful cancer get her down. She still has her sassiness and spunk. We love you Avah Mae! Fight on baby girl.”

A couple of events have been organized during October:

Love for Avah Benefit Auction and Bake Sale

Love for Avah Softball Tournament


A GoFundMe account has been established:


Click here to support Pray For Avah by Ashley Baker-Jennings

… and a tees shirt campaign has been set up:

avah tee

Supporters can also mail cards, letters, or gifts to the following address:

Tri Delta Place

350 North Third Street
Memphis Tn 38105
C/O Avah Jennings