DENVER, Colorado  – 9News says while the world’s attention was glued to a live stream of a pregnant giraffe in New York, “another miracle was happening away from prying eyes closer to their Denver home.

“We’re celebrating the birth of Dobby, Denver Zoo’s newest reticulated giraffe calf! While millions were carefully watching the viral sensation of April, a giraffe in New York, we had a (surprise) labor of our own!,” the zoo said.

Dobby, a male giraffe, was born at 3 a.m. Tuesday at the Denver Zoo. His mom, Kipele, was able to give birth in privacy — sans viral live stream.

The zoo says they didn’t know until recently that Kipele was pregnant – in fact, she was on birth control!

Dobby was born standing at 5 feet tall and weighing 73 pounds – both small figures for a newborn giraffe. While he wasn’t initially nursing for the first few hours of his life, thanks to the care of zoo staff, he now is.

All photos courtesy Denver Zoo.

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