LEBANON, Missouri- Lebanon City Council member Jim White said in a social media post that the city has posted a FAQ on what they are calling “Electric Rate Modification”.

The link is http://www.lebanonmissouri.org/…/21862/Electric-Rate-FAQs.

“This rate increase is only the beginning. It represents recommendation 3 and 4 from the consultant. City council will be back for another rate increase to implement recommendation 1 and 2. Service availability is to rise to $20 dollars or more per meter.”

White says the citizens know they are in trouble when the first question is “Is the City of Lebanon discussing a rate increase?” and the answer to the question is a song and dance around the question instead of directly answering the question. The answer starts out with “There is no discussion about an across-the-board rate increase for our customers. There is a discussion about modifying the rate structure between the different customer types….” And it goes downhill from there with the accuracy and transparency of information provided. Got to like the one about why we have a 30% to 50% electric reserve fund. Reason stated was because of the possible damage for ice storms and tornadoes. Anyone want to guess how much the total bill was for the 2007 ice storm and how much was not covered by insurance? Or how about the bill from the couple of tornadoes that have come through Lebanon. From my experience the primary reason for the large electric reserve is to loan out the money to economic development and the airport. Strange that answer is no where to be found on the FAQ, White concluded.