The IRS is attempting to lower the fraudulent attempts of criminals, by holding onto your refund checks a little longer; especially those with children.

In 2015, an act was put in place, known as “The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act” in which requires the IRS to hold the refunds of those who are claiming earned income tax credit or additional child tax credit, in an attempt to circumvent any fraudulent attempts. CPA David Creasy of Richmond, VA. says “It’s a quick refund and it adds up to a lot of money when you file a lot of fraudulent returns. They [criminals] don’t file just one or two. They [criminals] file in the hundreds or even the thousands of returns.”

As frustrating as it may be, we all must realize that the reason behind the delay is actually something to be grateful for. If a criminal were to file on your name fraudulently, you would not be able to file your taxes. Experts suggest not waiting to file, though, simply because the longer you wait, the longer you may have to wait until you receive your refund check.