LEBANON, Missouri- An uncooperative woman with an active warrant became an irritant  for Lebanon police Sunday night at the local Applebee’s restaurant.

Police say in a report they were called to the eating establishment at 380 South Jefferson about an individual  with an active warrant from Probation and Parole.

The responding officer said she was found in a corner booth table with family.

After an assisting officer arrived, police say they approached Kimberly Brown, a 42 year-old
female from Lebanon, Missouri and asked her to step outside. She was then informed of the warrant for her arrest after asking about the reason for the officers’ presence.

“The female then advised me she was not going anywhere. I advised The female
she needed to step outside and speak with us so we could handle the warrant in a civil manner,” the Lebanon officer explained in the report.

Brown protested and refused to step outside.

After additional verbal attempts, the woman’s family reportedly pleaded with her to comply to avoid making a scene.

The woman again refused, saying that she “has done nothing wrong.”

At this time one of her family members told her it was because she did not report to see her parole officer, the report said.

Brown again insisted she was not going to leave and no one was going to touch her. Her family
then started to move away from the table and again asked her to go with us so as not to upset her
grandmother. One more verbal request was given, explaining the US extradition order.

The officer grabbed her left wrist to escort her  and she pulled away in the direction of the exit and another table.

“I then grasped her left wrist and forearm just below the elbow at which time she
used physical force in an attempt to push herself away,” the officer said.

The woman was then moved away from other restaurant patrons and back towards her table.

The officer then used a technique to place her left hand behind her back while
instructing her to place both hands behind her back.

“She continued to resist at which time the assisting officer took physical control of her right arm to which she struggled to free herself from our control holds.”

Brown continued to physically resist the officers until they were able to get her in handcuffs and removed from the restaurant.

During transport to the police station, apparent Brown slipped out of her handcuffs, police said.

“After having her step out of my patrol vehicle I again placed her in double locked handcuffs. The female was
booked an processed for the felony warrant and resisting arrest but due to her uncooperative nature she was
further transported to the Laclede County jail prior to obtaining fingerprints where she was incarcerated for the
warrant as well as placed on a 24 hour hold for resisting arrest,” police concluded in their report.