SEBASTIAN COUNTY, Arkansas40/29 TV reports the search for a wounded police dog went into its second night as the sun set Thursday.

Officers are “about 90% sure” Kina was not spotted Thursday morning, after an initial report that she had.

The Greenwood K9 officer, named Kina, was shot in the standoff in Sebastian County.

Kina had been shot Wednesday, and ran off, according to Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck.

A woman spotted the dog from her room window Thursday morning. She went outside to call the dog, but the dog continued to run. She said she could identify Kina from her vest.

Search crews told 40/29 at about 9:50 a.m. the dog had been spotted. An hour later, police told 40/29 News there may have been confusion on if the woman saw the dog, as multiple German Shepherds area in the area. The woman says she identified Kina from her vest.

A K9 dog with the Greenwood Police Department was shot during the law enforcement standoff that killed veteran Deputy Bill Cooper Wednesday, according to Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck.

The Search and Rescue leader said he welcomed volunteers to help with the search for Kina. Volunteers should be in decent physical shape as the terrain in the area is demanding. They should also wear appropriate clothing and bring hydration.

The incident command center is located at 4233 Highway 253.

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