Are you not entertained, the War in Ukrainian in the era of Tic-Tok attention span

Russian occupying forces continued bombardment of the border areas of Sumy region.

The enemy inflicted fire damage using multiple artillery rocket systems and unmanned aerial vehicles. Krasnopillia and Hlukhiv communities came under enemy fire.

In the evening, the occupiers from the territory of krupets settlement  fired rocket projectiles at the territory of Hlukhiv community – 20 explosions were counted.

On the night of 22-nd of  December, russian invaders dropped an explosive device from a drone on the territory of Krasnopillia community. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

As Russia’s invasion rages on, Ukrainian soldiers defending the key eastern city of Bakhmut. Russian soldiers are like “zombies” who repeatedly attack their lines. “They keep coming in like zombies. After one is killed, another stands in. You can shoot his head off, but his comrade will keep coming,” a soldier named Mykyta said, also describing the battles as constant and “cruel.”

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