Camdenton High school Principal was assaulted by a student.

camdenton high school

camdenton high school

On May 3rd, 2022, A School resource officer responded to a report of the High School Principal being assaulted by a 16-year-old male student.

Upon their arrival, they learned that the High School Principal had confronted the 16-year-old make in the hallway where he was not allowed to be and asked him to come back to the commons area.

AS the Principal was escorting the student back to the commons area, the student shoved the Principal in the back and began striking him with a closed fist about the head and face multiple times.

camdenton high school
Camdenton High School

There was another male student in the area who observed the Principal being assaulted and responded by grabbing the student and pulling him away off the Principal. The student was restrained on the floor by the other student until other staff members arrived and was able to get the suspect under control.

Officers took the 16-year-old student into custody and he was transported to the Camden County Juvenile Justice Center where he was incarcerated on the Charge of Assault in the 3rd degree.

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