Did the Oasis Project just slip under the radar when it comes to closing times?

In a recent city board meeting, officials discussed and ultimately approved a development proposal for an amusement park at the Oasis at Lakeport, a popular lakeside destination. The meeting, led by Mr. Patterson, focused on an amendment to the existing ordinance that pertained to the proposed development.

The session began with Mr. Patterson addressing the audience, highlighting an important correction related to the case number of the ordinance. He pointed out that the case number should be 422, not 421 as initially mentioned. This correction was necessary to ensure that decisions made were based on the accurate information.

Patterson stated, “This particular situation and what we’ve got in front of us tonight’s a bit atypical in that usually when we talk about something that I bring you, we haven’t seen much of it in the past.”

The central issue discussed was the need for an Entertainment Three (E3) overlay for the proposed amusement park. The park, which would feature outdoor entertainment and various recreational facilities, including mechanical rides, arcades, games, food, outdoor restaurants, retail spaces, and more, would require the E3 overlay to operate within the existing Commercial (C1) Zone.

The amusement park project, situated on the lake’s first peninsula, was proposed as an addition to the existing zone rather than a full rezoning effort. The E3 overlay would enforce specific regulations for sound levels and operational hours to ensure minimal impact on neighboring properties.

Mr. Patterson emphasized, “The subject property will now be governed by the regulations pertaining to the entertainment overlays as specified in the land use chapter of the City of Osage Beach Municipal Code.” He added that the case under discussion only pertained to the amusement park itself and did not include future plans for a hotel, water park, or an indoor parking facility.

The Planning Commission had previously reviewed the proposal and recommended approval, a decision that was supported by the board members during the meeting. Alderman Rose inquired about specific rides listed in the development plan, leading to explanations provided by representatives from Skyview Partners, the project’s operators.

Jeff from Skyview Partners shared, “We have a package that we’re putting together that shows what each ride is, the color scheme, and other details. We’ll have that ready in the next couple of weeks.” He briefly described some of the rides, including the “Street Fighter,” a pendulum-type thrill ride, and the “Boomerang Coaster,” which travels forward and backward on its track.

One of the most contentious aspects of the discussion was the exemption granted to the amusement park from having a specified closing time. The transcript clearly shows Alderman Hoffman’s concern on this matter. “Does this have any… anything to do with sound ordinances? Can they do concerts or anything loud up there? Is it governed by Sound Ordinance?” he inquired.

Mr. Patterson responded, “It’s governed by this… It has got the sound… It’s governed by this okay and that is listed… that is listed within it all right.” The ambiguity of this response raised concerns about the project’s potential impact on the surrounding area, particularly during late hours.

Critics point out that the lack of a closing time could lead to disturbances and noise pollution late into the night, affecting the quality of life for nearby residents. The transcript reveals that despite concerns about sound regulations and their impact on neighboring properties, there was no clear commitment to set a closing time for the amusement park.

Following the thorough discussion and the public hearing, the board members voted in favor of the proposed amusement park development, emphasizing their approval of the enclosed development regulations and the amended ordinance. With this decision, the Oasis at Lakeport is set to expand its offerings and become a notable attraction for visitors seeking outdoor entertainment by the lake.

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