Drone likely flying from Ukraine war zone crashes in Croatia speculations of NATO being tested.

A statement issued by Croatia’s government said the “pilotless military aircraft” entered Croatian airspace from neighboring Hungary at a speed of 700 kph (430 mph) and an altitude of 1,300 meters (4,300 feet). Military experts of The War Zone online magazine said that the aircraft is likely a Soviet-era Tu-141 “Strizh” reconnaissance drone that must have severely malfunctioned. It said that Ukraine is the only known current operator of the Tu-141.

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said “the serious incident” must be thoroughly investigated to determine “how a relatively unsophisticated drone flew for over an hour over NATO countries without being detected.”

The two officials said at a news conference that Croatia responded last night with the closure of its airspace. They said they have been in contact with neighboring countries and NATO and refused to reveal whose drone it was.

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