Ike Skelton gets sworn in as Camden Presiding Commissioner

So what is a County Commissioner?

A county commissioner is a public official who is elected to serve on a county government’s legislative body, which is typically known as the county commission or board of commissioners. The duties of a county commissioner vary depending on the specific responsibilities of the county government and the needs of the community.

In general, county commissioners are responsible for setting policy for the county, allocating funding for county programs and services, and overseeing the operation of county government. They may also be involved in land use planning, development and zoning decisions, and the administration of justice through the county courts.

County commissioners may also serve as representatives of the county to other governmental agencies, as well as to community groups and organizations. They may hold public hearings and work with other elected officials and community leaders to address issues of concern to the county.

The specific powers and duties of county commissioners may vary by state and by individual county. Some states have more centralized systems of government, in which the county commissioners have more limited powers and responsibilities, while in other states, county commissioners may have a greater role in shaping local policy and governing the county.

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