Lake of the Ozark Business Owners are coming forward with Broken Glass stories…

Businesses from around the entire lake are banning together to try and find who’s been shooting out their windows with what appears to be ball bearings. There have been over 5 businesses along Highway 54 and Hwy 5 in Camdenton, Osage Beach, and in Laurie with damage reported weekend. As the days ticked by citizen’s took to facebook and started asking questions.

As this story was written, the Laurie Police confirmed that a hole was found in the front glass at G2M in Laurie. Pappos Pizza, White Lilly, and the Ashley Swegle Agency were also confirmed to have similar damage.

There is a group of business owners that have started to review their surveillance footage, trying to link the possible connections of these events.

We will continue to pass along an information in regards to this story.

As reported on FACEBOOK

THE WHITE LILLY: Owning your own business is always full of surprises. Some good ones and some like this ??‍♀️?. Thank you to everyone that called, texted, messaged or tried to get in touch with me. I appreciate everyone looking out for me and my shop. There were no signs of robbery or anything being stolen. Seems like it was an accident.

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