Lake of the Ozarks company making a huge impact in the world.

BigPlanetMedia, in collaboration with DD3D Studio

BigPlanetMedia, in collaboration with DD3D Studio

Big Planet Media, in collaboration with DD3D Studio, proudly presents our latest project – a compelling 3D animation for DOK-ING’s groundbreaking Komodo. As a remarkable robotic military system, the Komodo is engineered to excel in extreme nuclear, biological, and chemical conditions, making it a unique and indispensable machine for operations in hazardous environments. Our mission was to showcase the Komodo’s exceptional capabilities through our expertise in 3D animation, delivering a visually immersive experience for potential clients and stakeholders.

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The completion of the 3D animation project for DOK-ING’s Komodo exemplifies the prowess of BigPlanetMedia and DD3D Studio in delivering exceptional multimedia solutions. By effectively presenting and explaining the Komodo’s revolutionary features, we showcased its capabilities to the world, establishing DOK-ING as a frontrunner in the realm of robotic military systems. As innovators in the multimedia service industry, we remain committed to empowering our clients with visually captivating and compelling content that leaves a lasting impact.

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