Meet Hank Kellogg, Marine turned Bullrider.

Hank Kellogg, known as “The Yank,” had an undeniable passion for bull riding. Hailing from upstate New York, a place not typically associated with rodeo, Hank had an extraordinary journey into the world of bull riding.

Hank’s story began during his time in the Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Although he always harbored dreams of becoming a cowboy, his path took an unexpected turn when he crossed paths with a stranger at a Lowe’s hardware store. This stranger’s question about bull riding sparked something within Hank.

The stranger asked Hank if he was a bull rider, to which he replied with a wistful “no.” Expressing his desire to be a bull rider, Hank couldn’t help but feel drawn to the idea. The stranger revealed that there was a place just up the road that hosted bull riding events, and he handed over their contact information. Hank’s curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to give it a shot.

That single rodeo experience was all it took to set Hank on an unalterable course. After that event, Hank found himself signing up for more. Bull riding became more than just a pastime; it became his passion, his purpose. He realized that he had found his calling in the world of rodeo, and he embraced it wholeheartedly.

Hank’s dedication to bull riding was unwavering. It wasn’t about fame or fortune; it was about the raw thrill of challenging himself against the untamed power of the bulls. He expressed his gratitude to his sponsors, mentioning names like Dan Francis Mountain Man, Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp Products, FX3 Performance Horses, and more. These sponsors were his pillars of support, helping him pursue his passion with unwavering determination.

He took a moment to give special recognition to Warriors and Rodeo, a group that supported veterans through rodeo activities, underscoring the deep connection between his military background and his newfound passion. Resilient Brands and The Pearl Snap Pimp also received heartfelt mentions, along with the numerous small-town sponsors from his hometown who had stood by him throughout his journey.

As Hank concluded his interview, he expressed his gratitude to everyone who had played a role in his bull riding journey. For Hank, bull riding wasn’t just a hobby or a sport; it was a way of life. His story served as a testament to the fact that passions can emerge unexpectedly, leading individuals down remarkable and fulfilling paths.

And so, “The Yank” continued to ride with unbridled enthusiasm, facing each bull with unwavering determination. From upstate New York to the heart of the rodeo circuit, Hank Kellogg had carved out a unique and inspiring tale of following one’s dreams and discovering true purpose in the most unexpected places.

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