Nearly a week after reached out to Camdenton School about Bed Bugs; the knowledge seems to be spreading even if the bugs are not.

“We are aware of individual cases of bed bugs. We evaluate each case and work with families and outside agencies to help mitigate the spread. At this time, we do not have an infestation of bed bugs and are not aware of known spreads among homes, buses or classrooms. “

With all cases, we take the utmost precautions. We have heating tents in each building to eradicate bugs on items that may be contaminated, increase our efforts of preventative treatment and work with pest control professionals to create a specific plan-of-action. While bed bugs are not new to the social setting and are found in school settings throughout the nation, we feel that with the strategies listed above, we are doing our part to ensure student and staff safety. “

Dr. Jason PriceAssistant Superintendent Camdenton School District 

However in recent days Letters have gone out to Staff:

The school recognizes that there is a bed bug resurgence and our district is not immune to this. We also want to ensure we are taking the appropriate actions needed to reduce the risk of bed bugs spreading.

The following is information regarding the school’s response to when and if a bed bug is found in a classroom or on a student’s belongings. This is not a policy, but a developed and executed plan of action that the district follows when responding to bed bug sightings and incidents.

If a bed bug is identified in student clothing, the bed bug is collected and the student is brought to the school nurse to examine clothing and belongings. The school nurse will make initial contact with parents and provide educational materials on what to look for and how to treat them. The district will also encourage the parents to treat the problem and work out a plan of action for the students while at school. This includes a change of clothes, a heating tent, and a personal strategy to alleviate negative attention toward the student. If the student rides a bus, the transportation department is also made aware. If these strategies do not help remedy the problem, the district will contact the appropriate social agencies. 

If a bed bug is found in a classroom/school building, the district will contact a local pest control agency and develop a treatment plan. In addition, there is a product that we will apply regularly to all known areas in an effort to keep the bug population from spreading.

It is very important to remember that a sighting does not mean an infestation and we can mitigate the spread in our school by reacting appropriately. It is also important to be discreet when speaking to or about certain students so we can avoid stigmatizing or excluding students.

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