Osage Beach Sewer System being tested Board Members Express Concerns Over Lack of Immediate Plan, Call for Swift Action

In a crucial city council meeting held on July 6th, 2023, concerns were raised over the state of Osage Beach city’s generators, with a spotlight on their impact on the sewer system. During the meeting, officials revealed that out of the eight generators in the city, only two were currently functioning, prompting a heated discussion about the urgent need for repairs and contingency plans.

The meeting began with addressing the issue head-on: “How many generators do we have in the city?” he questioned, to which the city engineer responded, “We have eight.”

A concerning revelation followed when the Alderman Richard Ross inquired about the number of generators currently operational. “And how many of those are functioning today?” he pressed.

“Only two,” came the disheartening reply, setting the stage for an urgent discussion on the matter.

Amid concerns from the board members, the focus shifted to the generators that were not functioning. When questioned about existing plans, the engineer admitted, “At this point, we don’t have concrete plans for all six of them.”

Alderman Richard Ross voiced his apprehension, stating, “To be clear, I find this situation unacceptable.” This sentiment resonated among the other board members present.

The engineer explained the root cause of the problem, stating, “The other six generators have an issue with the ATS switch, which is responsible for automatic activation.” He continued, “Those switches are all bad, and they all need to be replaced. This was part of what we had applied for in the grant that we didn’t receive.”

The absence of an alternative plan prompted further questions, leading to a clarification from the engineer about the current state of the generators. “To clarify, there’s actually only one generator that we couldn’t manually turn on right now,” he admitted, adding that efforts were already underway to rectify the situation.

“The plan is to approach this gradually, getting them all up and running,” he noted. However, Alderman Richard remained resolute in his stance: “I find that unacceptable. They’re designed to do certain things and they should be maintained to do so.”

The discussion then turned to the importance of the ATS switch. Alderman Richard Ross sought clarity, asking about the switch’s role in the generator system. The engineer responded, “The ATS switch, the automatic transfer switch, is essentially the automatic on switch for activation. It ensures that the generator kicks in when power goes out.”

Alderman Ross highlighted the urgency of the situation, suggesting, “We should move that up to Priority schedule a little bit.” He also emphasized that the matter was within the purview of the department’s management.

The meeting concluded with the shared sentiment that immediate action was required to ensure the proper functioning of the city’s generators, especially those tied to the vital sewer system. The board members called for a revised plan to be presented at the next meeting, highlighting the need for prompt action to mitigate any potential risks to the city’s infrastructure.

As the city grapples with this crisis, the community’s attention remains fixed on the authorities’ response and their ability to secure the seamless operation of essential services.

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