Osage Beach Water and Sewer User Rate Schedule Changes

Osage Beach, MO – The City is committed to operating its water and sewer systems in a
safe, lawful, and financially sound manner, and to provide excellent water and sewer utility
services. To achieve this goal, it has become necessary to increase user fee rates. The
proceeds of such user fees are needed for the purpose of operating, maintaining, and
improving the water and sewer systems. Proposed rate schedule changes are anticipated to
be effective May 1, 2023, upon Board of Aldermen approval. The last rate schedule

increases enacted by the City of Osage Beach were in 2018.

A Public Hearing will be held on March 2, 2023, at the 6 PM Board of Aldermen meeting at
City Hall. Prior to the Public Hearing scheduled, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen will be
presented with rate schedule change details for the purpose of discussion at the February 2,

2023 Board of Aldermen meeting to be held at 6 PM, at City Hall.

The majority of the City’s water system was built in the early 2000s and currently serves
nearly 6,100 users. The majority of the City’s sewer system was built in the 1980s and

currently serves nearly 7,100 users.

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