Ozarks International Hosted the World Racing League

Ozarks International Raceway is a 3.97 miles state-of-the-art facility at the heart of the Ozarks. The Missouri-based international track has several layouts, but the longest configuration truly shows what this facility is about with its 19 thrilling corners and a 150 feet elevation difference throughout the lap and 1200 feet elevation change over a single lap.

The other configurations include an outside track of 2.5 miles course and an inside track of 1.4-mile track. These are ideal for Racing Schools or clients renting the track for their events.

The goal of this track was to provide a safe and fun place to racing enthusiasts, all the while preserving nature around. The Ozarks being a mountainous region, the primary architect of this layout was the lay of the land, paired with Jr Pesek’s vision and Multimatic’s knowledge; this new facility quickly attracted the attention of the biggest series in North America.

With the Race Control built to modern standards and a turkey barn turned into a 60-car garage, OIR’s facilities cater to the highest motorsports series standards in North America. The track’s five-year plan is to have IndyCar, NASCAR, IMSA and SRO amongst its visitors.

World racing league’s goal is to provide a highly competitive, professional-level racing experience on an amateur racing budget – without compromise.

That means you’ll see garage-built cars sharing the grid with factory built race cars. What does this mean for you? Some of the best competition around in the most time-honored format: multi-class endurance racing. Keep reading below to learn a little more about us and why YOU should be on the grid with WRL.

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