Possibly most fun use of AI image generation – visualize your dreams

There have been numerous debates about the use of AI tools, especially image-generating AIs. However, here is a fun application for them: visualizing your dreams! Simply describe your dream scene by scene, and let the AI generate an image for you. Keep the results that are closest to what you actually remember and create a collection of images that tell a story of your dream, no matter how bizarre it might seem.
A few years ago, I had a vivid dream that remained with me in complete detail long after I woke up, so I took the opportunity to write down all of its details. It was a chaotic dream filled with diverse characters, locations, and events.
Yesterday, while playing with the image-generating AI Midjurney, an idea came to my mind: "Why not use this to generate images from our dreams?" I was lucky to find a post I had made on Facebook in 2016, where I had described that odd dream, and I used that as a prompt for the AI to generate images. Here is the result. Enjoy!"

Castro's predicament

Visualizing a dream

So, here is the weirdest and most vivid dream I've had (as far as I can remember). Please take some time, as this is a bit of a long read... Note: All the details are as I remember them from the dream; I didn't add anything later on... I often have these elaborate and detailed dreams, but this one surpasses them all. 🙂

I dreamed that I had bought a baroque palace in my hometown for 200,000 € (which is a more than decent price for a palace). The palace was "on sale" due to the fact that the previous owners had died without any heirs or will. And the palace was split in two: one side was office space and a hotel, and the other was a private living area.


7 bathrooms

I moved in and set up a 200 m2 apartment in the top back part of the palace. I had an issue with setting up the apartment because for some reason, I had placed 7 separate bathrooms in it. 🙂 So for the last one, I decided that I wouldn't buy a toilet seat (I already had 6 of them), so I clogged the sewage connection with old newspapers and left it that way.
Then I decided to go on a tour of the palace to see what I had actually bought (yes, AFTER I had apparently already set up the apartment... it's a dream... there's not much logic in it).


The first thing I saw when I got down from my apartment was a small garden in the middle of the palace (it was built in a square with a hole in the middle). There was a small fountain in it, and it was quite dirty and overgrown with wild plants.


On the left side of it was the entrance to the cellar, where there was a whole bunch of stone statues and rusted parts of water pumps, all closed by massive wooden doors.

Golden bathroom

Straight through the backyard was a door that led to the guest bathroom. The bathroom was the total opposite of the ruined backyard. It was all in gold (a golden bathtub, toilet, sink, etc.) with detailed wooden trims on the walls and ceiling and gold details all over.

Main hallway

From the bathroom, I got to the main hallway connecting the rooms on the ground floor of the palace.

Strange closet

On the left was a walk-in closet that was filled with ceramic dolls and busts of some famous people. The "explanation" for that was that the previous owners didn't have room for these dolls and busts, so they put them in the closet.

Main lobby

On the right side of that hallway was the entrance to the main lobby, which was even more majestic than the golden bathroom. Huge paintings covered the walls, and there were golden trims on the walls, and in the center of it was a majestic-looking staircase made of two slightly curved staircases with a golden railing and glass steps. The lobby opened up to the top floor, revealing 3 more pairs of similar staircases connecting the top floors, and in the middle of it, dangling from the ceiling of the 4th floor, was a humongous crystal chandelier.

Justin Bieber

Then I heard someone calling me from outside, so I went out to see who it was. It was Justin Bieber on a bicycle with a blond wig on his head. He was getting ready to go for a bike ride through the city (he was staying in the hotel situated in the other half of the palace). He asked me to give him the phone number of some of my sister's friends whose video he saw on YouTube and loved their singing in that video. He wanted them as back-up singers for his concert. I just wanted to get rid of him; it was fucking Justin Bieber, so I didn't want to hang with him to much...

Game room

So, I went back inside and went up the first set of stairs. I arrived at the "game room" which had old billiard tables, poker tables, and a roulette table.


From there, the next set of stairs led to the library that filled the entire second floor of the palace. The bookshelves reached all the way to the ceiling and each of them was completely full of books. The entire library was lit by dim orange light and there were reading tables in the middle with green lamps.


The next floor was the children's playroom and home office. The playroom was a mix of boy and girl toys, and they were all placed on the floor as if the kids had been playing with them just a few moments ago. But the toys were old, such as tin soldiers, tin cars, wooden dollhouses, old dolls, and wooden blocks. They all felt new and used, but there were no kids to play with them.

Office room

The office room was dark and filled with papers and file cabinets. In the center of it was a massive wooden office desk with a wooden spinning chair that didn't look too comfortable. From this floor, there were two sets of staircases; one led up to the main bedroom, and the other led down, but on the opposite side from where I came from, to a huge ballroom.

Other staircase

These staircases were different, more modern and didn't fit with the rest of the palace. It appeared as if the person who built them wanted to mimic the other stairs, but didn't have enough room, so halfway down, the staircase turned into a ladder, and we had to climb down to reach the main floor of the ballroom. (This is where things start to get crazier... 🙂)

EU conference

In the ballroom, there was a conference organized by the European Committee for Ecological and Clean Industry, aimed at countries in Central America. One of the countries present at the conference was Cuba, and Fidel Castro was there to represent them. My friend introduced me to Fidel. The first thing Fidel complained about was the fucking staircase, half staircase and half ladder, and he said he would "deal" with whoever built it.


The next thing that bothered him was that in order to submit an application for the European funds financing the implementation of the ecological industry in Cuba, the applicant had to have a degree from a related college or have working experience in the field. Since Fidel was a dictator and technically unemployed, he didn't have any work experience.

Job offer for Fidel

So, my friend suggested that I give Fidel a job in my company so he could be officially employed and able to submit the application form.


After that, we went outside where a street festival was taking place in the city.

Again Justin!

I ran into fucking Justin Bieber again, and he reminded me to give him the phone number of those girls.

Jetpack man

Luckily, Justin's nagging was interrupted by a guy with a homemade jet-pack, flying around. The "jet-pack" was a loose term, as it was made of a lawnmower engine and two propellers.

Parachute on fire

It flew nicely until the engine dropped dead. Luckily, the guy had a parachute and managed to deploy it, but before landing, he got tangled in electrical wires, and his parachute caught fire. But he managed to reach the ground safely, and the entire street of people clapped for him. And that's the last thing I remember from this dream.

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