Powder Mill Gets back on the Stage

After nearly a decade of silence, the powerhouse southern rock band, Power Mill, has reunited, marking their triumphant return to the stage. The band’s journey began in 2008 when Jesse Charles Hammock II, renowned for his solo career, decided to bring together his closest friends and cousin to record an album in Missouri. Pat McSpadden on bass, Jeff Chapman on lead guitar, and Andrew Bedell on drums joined forces with Jesse, transforming his solo effort into a musical powerhouse known as Powder Mill.

Their first album, “New Mountain,” garnered critical acclaim and found success across eight countries and the United States. Buoyed by the positive reception, Powder Mill wasted no time and released their second album, “Do Not Go Gently,” the following year. With album reviews, Sirius/XM airplay, and radio airplay, Powder Mill solidified their place in the Outlaw Country and Southern Rock movement.

The band’s third studio album, “Money, Marbles and Chalk,” propelled them even further. Powder Mill’s signature blend of southern rock and country blues resonated deeply with their fans, affectionately known as “Millbillies.” The record captured the essence of Ozark country realism, depicting hard living, hard times, and the complexities of relationships. Critics hailed it as one of the best rock albums of 2010, solidifying Powder Mill’s reputation as a band unafraid to explore the grittier aspects of life.

Their latest release, “Land Of The Free,” continues to showcase Powder Mill’s authenticity and deep connection to their roots. Their music draws from Southern traditions, intertwining rock ‘n’ roll and country, while reflecting the honest, down-to-earth lifestyle of their rural upbringing. Powder Mill remains unapologetic, embracing their outsider status in the music industry and staying true to their unique sound.

The band’s instrumentation is led by Jesse Charles Hammock II on vocals and guitars, accompanied by Jeff Chapman on guitars and backing vocals, Pat McSpadden on bass and backing vocals, and Andrew Bedell on drums and percussion.

Powder Mill’s discography stands as a testament to their commitment to honest storytelling and a refusal to conform to mainstream trends. Their music evokes images of roughians and backwoods hillbillies who live and breathe their craft. With their long-awaited reunion, Power Mill is ready to reclaim their place in the music scene, bringing their raw, heartfelt music to audiences once again. Fans can expect an electrifying and authentic experience as Power Mill graces the stage with their unique brand of southern rock.

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