SB 681- Childcare – the school shall offer on-site childcare for children of enrolled students.

Modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education

ADULT HIGH SCHOOLS (Sections 160.2700 & 160.2705)

For a school to meet the definition of “adult high school” under current law, the school shall offer on-site childcare for children of enrolled students, in addition to other requirements provided in current law. This act repeals the on-site requirement for such childcare.

Additionally, current law prohibits adult high schools from offering a majority of instruction online or remotely. This act provides that synchronous instruction connecting students to a live class at a Missouri adult high school shall be treated as in-person instruction.

Further, current law prohibits any person from establishing, operating, maintaining, or advertising a childcare facility without a license, with an exception for any private, elementary, or secondary school system providing childcare to children under school age. This act provides that adult high schools shall be deemed a “secondary school system” for purposes of such exception.

These provisions are identical to provisions in the perfected HB 2325 (2022), provisions in SCS/HCS/HB 2304 (2022), provisions in SCS/HB 2202 (2022), and HB 2492 (2022) and are substantially similar to SB 1052 (2022), HB 2618 (2022), HB 151 (2021), HB 624 (2021), HCS/HB 733 (2021), and HCS/SB 323 (2021).

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