Spring Gravel Mitigation and Trail Project Temporarily Impacts Access to Ha Ha Tonka State Park

ha ha tonka lake of the ozarks state park

ha ha tonka lake of the ozarks state park

Ha Ha Tonka State Park, known for its captivating blend of nature and history, is currently undergoing the Spring Gravel Mitigation and Trail Project, resulting in temporary closures and altered access to certain areas of the park. Visitors are advised to plan their trips accordingly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

The ongoing project has necessitated the closure of a portion of the parking area and the pit latrine near the Spring Trail trailhead. Additionally, Island Trail, Connector 2, and the lower section of Spring Trail are temporarily off-limits to visitors. However, despite these closures, there are still opportunities to appreciate the beauty of Ha Ha Tonka Spring from alternative vantage points.

Guests can still catch glimpses of Ha Ha Tonka Spring from Castle Trail, which provides a scenic view of the area. Furthermore, a small overlook on Spring Trail offers another chance to observe the splendor of the spring. It’s important to note that due to these modifications, the trail no longer forms a complete loop.

The staff at Ha Ha Tonka State Park’s visitor center is available to address any inquiries or concerns visitors may have regarding the project or their upcoming visit. For assistance, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the visitor center at 573-346-2986.

Ha Ha Tonka State Park is renowned for its geological marvels, encompassing sinkholes, caves, a massive natural bridge, towering bluffs, and Missouri’s 12th largest spring. The picturesque remains of a century-old stone castle overlook these natural wonders, granting visitors breathtaking views of the Lake of the Ozarks and Ha Ha Tonka Spring.

A network of trails and boardwalks guides visitors through the park, allowing them to explore its historical castle, geological spectacles, woodlands, and rocky glades. Scenic picnic sites dot the landscape, inviting guests to savor a leisurely lunch amidst the unmatched beauty of the lake area. Together, these captivating elements intertwine to create a park that beckons exploration and promises memorable experiences time and again.

While the ongoing Spring Gravel Mitigation and Trail Project may present temporary limitations, the allure of Ha Ha Tonka State Park remains undiminished. Visitors are encouraged to adapt their plans accordingly, adapt to the current closures, and continue to relish the extraordinary fusion of nature and history that this park offers.

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